The Hameroff Law Firm, PC is here to help you understand the complex process of Estate Planning. At The Hameroff Law Firm, PC we work hand in hand with you to structure an estate to provide for both yourself and your families.

Estate Planning can be a very complex with many options and paths. A Standard Estate Plan will include a Will, Financial Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will.

Some think of Estate Planning as matters after death, but a complete Standard Estate Plan provides for you when you are unable to take care of your own matters. Why create the opportunity for family conflict when you can control all the rules now?

Some estate plans are designed to avoid probate and may include a Revocable Living Trust. The Hameroff Law Firm, PC will walk you through an analysis to determine the best solution for you and will work with you to create a Living Trust to best suite your needs.

Benefits of Estate Planning

  1. Provide for yourself and your loved ones through any period of disability
  2. Leave what you have to whom you want in the way you want
  3. Minimize taxes and avoid unnecessary attorney fees and court costs
  4. Care for yourself and loved ones
  5. Support the causes you value most

Estate Planning Process:

First and foremost we will have detailed conversations about your individual situation and your wishes. The best estate plan executes on your wishes while complying with the detailed and extensive laws of Arizona. You will be guided through this process by an attorney the entire way.

Once we have decided on an estate plan that is right for you, we will draft the documents in compliance with Arizona law. The documents will then be reviewed by you either in our office or at your home,; we will be here to answer any questions you have and explain any detail you may not understand.

Finally, we will have a signing appointment where we will review the documents and have the documents signed by you and our notary.

You will go home with an original copy of your Estate Plan that day.

What to expect on your first visit:

You will work directly with an attorney to evaluate your concerns and find solutions. In this process we will discuss your family structure, current financial situation, property ownership, investments, and title designations. The purpose of this meeting is to determine what your wishes are and how to formulate a plan to achieve your goals.

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